Tips for creating music by Suno

1. Check the BPM and Key of the song

If you want to reference the rhythm of an existing song, you can use 1. Check the BPM and Key of the song

2. Use tags to guide AI

When creating lyrics, you can add different tags before the lyrics paragraph to tell Suno how the lyrics should be sung. Here are some common tags and their meanings:

  • [Verse](Verse): Used to mark the verse part, usually the narrative part of the song.
  • [Rap](Rap): Used to mark the rap part, usually the fast rap part of the song.
  • [Chorus](chorus/climax) : Used to mark a chorus or climax, usually a repetition or climax in a song.
  • [Intro] (Intro): Used to mark the introduction part, usually the introduction part of the song.

By adding these tags, you can guide Suno more clearly on how to sing your lyrics, making the creative process smoother.

The importance of music cue words

1. Clear creative goals

Before using Suno to create music, it is crucial to establish clear creative goals. This may include the style of the music, emotional expression, rhythm, instrument selection, etc. Clear and specific goals will help you to be more directed in the creative process.

2. Describe the content to be expressed in the music in words

When using Suno to create music, you need to describe the musical content you want in words, including the requirements for instruments, rhythm, emotion, melody, etc. For example, you can describe the desired instrument combination, the rhythm of the music, the emotional expression of the melody, etc.

3. Try different combinations of musical elements

When describing musical content, you can try different combinations of musical elements, such as different instruments, different rhythm patterns, different melodies, etc. By trying different combinations, you may discover some surprising musical effects.

4. Feedback and adjustments

After generating music using Suno, you can evaluate it audibly and adjust the generated music as needed. You can adjust the rhythm, volume, instrument selection, etc. of the music according to your own feelings and needs to make the generated music more in line with your creative goals.

5. Experiment and optimize

Suno creating music is a continuous process of trial and optimization. You can try to generate different styles of music multiple times and optimize the music effect through continuous feedback and adjustment until you are satisfied with the result.