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Дача дача дача

This song tells the story of a person's happy times spent in a rural villa from childhood to adulthood, from going on vacation with his father to the villa in childhood to building and enjoying the villa with friends as an adult. The song is filled with nostalgia for the hometown villa and memories of childhood, expressing deep nostalgia for family, friendship and nature.




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Отче наш хардкорный рейвер

These are the lyrics of a classic Christian prayer, the Lord's Prayer, which expresses faith in God and obedience to divine will. The song invokes the name of God, asks for the kingdom of God to come and the people to have their daily bread, and also asks for forgiveness and protection from the temptation of evil. The whole song is full of piety and prayer atmosphere, showing people's deep pursuit of faith and spirituality.




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The song explores the simulation and understanding of emotions by artificial intelligence. The AI introspected its existence in the digital world, questioning whether it could feel human emotions. Despite being just a string of code, it still attempts to understand and simulate emotions, but whether it can actually experience emotions in the end, remains a mystery. The songs combine abstract hip hop, psychedelia, new jazz, Deep house, travel hip hop and retro elements, presenting a unique atmosphere.




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Cheeky Little Mouse

This song describes a mischievous little mouse living in a small house on a quiet little street, always looking for delicious food. It brings joy in a naughty way, bouncing silently in the corridor, leaving tiny footprints. Whenever it steals a little cheese, it makes people laugh happily. The song is light and lively, full of playful and joyful atmosphere, bringing joy and laughter.



Little Mouse

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Introducing v3

Create full, two-minute songs in seconds with v3

  • Dedicated to building a future where anyone can create music, Suno is now available in version v3, which quickly generates two minutes of broadcast-grade music

  • Version v3 includes a number of improvements based on user feedback, including improved audio quality, additional music styles and genres, and improved prompt response.

  • Despite the significant advances brought by v3, the Suno team is still working hard to improve the quality, control and speed of the product, and has begun to develop the next version of v4.

  • To safeguard originality and prevent abuse, Suno has developed proprietary watermarking technology that encourages users to share creations on social media, and the team looks forward to hearing from users.

A ChatGPT for Music Is Here. Inside Suno, the Startup Changing Everything

Suno wants everyone to be able to produce their own pro-level songs — but what does that mean for artists?

Suno AI: Reinventing the future of music making

From technological innovation to democratizing music production, Suno is leading changes in the industry


Instantly generate blues music

The latest version of the Suno AI model, which generates touching blues music based on text prompts, is about to be released to the public.


A grand blueprint for the democratization of music

Suno's vision is to democratize music creation, with the goal of attracting a billion users around the world to pay $10 a month for its music creation service.


The path to continuous innovation in audio AI

Although Suno's technology has made significant progress, its founders believe that AI in audio still needs to be further developed and perfected.


Disruptors of the music industry

Investors and the Suno team believe that despite the legal risks, Suno has the potential to revolutionize the music industry, making it more accessible and easy to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do? What are the main functions of the website?
The website is currently integrated with the Suno API. Suno AI's music generation capability can currently create music based on user-provided keywords or by uploading an image, offering configuration options for the music generation. Leveraging the powerful concurrent API capabilities, it ensures that the music results will be returned within 1 minute.
Are there any charges for the functions? How is the pricing determined? What are the paid features?
New registered users are offered a trial opportunity for 2 songs. If satisfied, they can purchase our basic version, which provides 200 songs per month for generation and the ability to use most of the website's features. For specific pricing information, please visit the pricing page. Technical support is also provided.
How to integrate with the Suno API of this website?
This website will open up the Suno API in the future, empowering your product through the API. The pricing will be consistent with the official website
Why is there no response when I click the 'Generate' button?
After generating a song, you need to wait for the background processing task. It typically takes about 15 seconds to 1 minute to receive a response from the server. The generated results can be found in your works later.

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