Suno Lyrics Generator

Suno ai A lyrics generator is a tool used to generate lyrics that fit Suno's musical creation. If you are suffering from a lack of inspiration or have no clue about writing lyrics and song descriptions, you can try generating your favorite lyrics with just a few random clicks.


Generate a set of lyrics based on the song structure

Add [Intro] (Introduction), [Verse] (Main Song), [Pre-Chorus] (Before Chorus), [Chorus] (Refrain), [Outro] (Ending), [Bridge] (Connection), and [Rap] (Rhyming Speech) cues in the lyrics to enhance control over the song's rhythm and style. Here are examples of song structure cues.


Enhance the sense of layering in the song.

Adding repeated specified words in parentheses at the end of the lyrics can create a duet feeling, such as "Call me Sun Wukong (Call me Sun Wukong)". Also, adding words like "haha" can make the song more lively and varied.

Sometimes the language generated by Suno AI is not entirely accurate. If you want the song to use different languages, in addition to entering lyrics in different languages for each section, you can also specify the language, such as (Verse 1 - Japanese), to give Suno clearer instructions.

Include guidance on the singing style of the lyrics in the song structure, such as [Sad Verse], [Happy Chorus], or use musical terms to influence the genre, such as [Rapped Verse], [Powerpop Chorus].